Southwire is committed to protecting what you value most and providing safe power for your journey.

From humble beginnings, we grew to fulfill customer needs.


Our founder Roy Richards simply wanted to erect poles and string wire so his grandmother could read under electric light. That same spirit is how we’ve continued to grow into a global supplier of wire and cable, and the number one supplier of wire for utilities in the U.S. But we’ve never forgotten where we came from: we’re still private, family-owned, and based right down the road in Carrollton, Georgia.


We manufacture half of the cable used in the transmission and distribution of electricity across America, and one out of every three homes contains our electrical wiring. More than half of the copper rod made around the world is produced with Southwire Continuous Rod (SCR®) technology – the highest quality, lowest cost product available. With integrated R&D, production, sales, and logistics our complete approach allows us to be a single source for wire and cable.


Southwire is the trusted source for Surge Guard* products designed to protect you, your watercraft, and electrical equipment. We provide power for your journey with watercraft cords and adapters, and Shoreline Reels™ hose and cord reels to eliminate the mess. Wherever you are traveling, Southwire is proud to provide peace of mind when you hook up your watercraft to any utility post.


Wire is our starting point. Every challenge. Every day. Southwire is the customer support, vast selection, product excellence, and reliable delivery you need to get the job done right.

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